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Adrian Partridge
Clearlead Consulting

North Vancouver, BC

I’ve been attending yoga classes run by Jennifer Dibnah for around five years now. She is simply a fantastic teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Her wide knowledge of yoga and great people skills make the classes focused and fun.


And on top of that, she has the ability to take the classes to an extra spiritual level so that I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and much happier and more centred than when I arrived.


Thanks Jen!

Marian Cameron

87 Years Old

North Vancouver, BC

Jennifer is a wonderful teacher. I know that she takes the utmost care when she is teaching me Yoga and meditation.


I have been a client since 2010 and I always feel so safe in her capable hands. When she comes into my home I know that she is not only bringing me Yoga and meditation, but also companionship and laughter.


I can't leave my home easily because I have limited mobility and my husband isn't well. But with Jennifer coming to my home twice weekly, my family and I can rest assured that I move my body in a safe and intuitive way. I look forward to every visit! I highly recommend Karma Active Yoga, Jennifer and her team.

Kristy Macdonald

29 Years Old

North Vancouver, BC

Jen is an incredible individual and yoga instructor. Her classes are warm, inviting, thoughtful, enlightening, and challenging yet pressure free.

Her classes cater to all ages and fitness levels. She takes the time to get to know all of her students and is very mindful of their physical abilities, injuries and/or goals by providing options and tools to work through various poses.

I really appreciate Jen and her style of teaching because since becoming pregnant my practice has changed and she provides a safe and encouraging environment for me to continue to practice. I have never felt more in tuned with my body, both mentally and physically, and for this I am very grateful, Jen.

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We are a North Shore based company with a passion for teaching Yoga and Wellness. We are committed to helping people of all ages feel their best. Whether recovering from an injury or illness, or simply looking to deepen their Yoga practice, we have it all. From beginner to seasoned, Chair or Mat Yoga. The choice is yours. 


We bring a Yoga-studio like experience into private homes or offices to provide the highest quality health program to each individual or small group. Each class is tailored to the individual. 


Ask us how you can get into the transformative practice of Yoga today! 

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For pros who lead busy work lives and don't have time to get to the studio.

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Set a peaceful tone for any event. Learn, laugh, and unwind in a unique way!

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Use visualization and meditation to make sure that the team is ready!

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This makes a wonderful gift to give your parents or loved ones.